June berries

Summer is upon us. Those magical days of quiet early morning walks, lush gardens, sleepy afternoons, sticky sandy beach days, sun kissed freckles, wild summer berries, torrential thunderstorms, and moments that seem to defy the laws of time in length. Easily our favorite time of year.

I am looking forward to more unplanned days, and relatively late mornings full of snuggles. Just enough before hanger shows up, as it tends to. Summer can’t be all sunshine and daisies..

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summer pearls

A typical summer is a time of busyness in play, spending most days in fresh air and sunshine, adventuring and traveling and feeling hot from so much movement and energy. Though it’s technically not summer yet (only a couple days left) the warm weather that others have been taking advantage of to break in their summer plans has passed with little acknowledgement from us as we have spent our days (going on two weeks) nursing our health indoors. We could easily be bitter about the beautiful weather that we have not fully experienced, but surprisingly we have enjoyed our days. Bringing a bit of life inside, an embodiment of sunshine in our single windowed apartment helps, as well as big imaginations. We have been pirates, following treasure maps and fighting dragons (who knew pirates were so versatile?) We’ve watched ballets, and performed our own. We’ve created art, taken naps, picked out summer books, planned summer birthdays, and enjoyed passing moments with peaceful quiet.

“After all, I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” [.]

new light in a new home

A few weeks ago we moved to my hometown. Life has been filled with chaos, the technicalities and details of relocating four lives was much more complex than expected. I have been pleasantly surprised by the workings of time that have enlivened my eyes and heart to this little town and the memories that haunt it. Amid the boxes, we found small rhythms that made our new surroundings feel like home. Meals, story time and nap time were the anchors of our days. And as the last of the boxes are unpacked I try not to think of how temporary this little home will be. Of moving ourselves all over again just as it seems we have settled. I rely on the promise this summer will bring. Family, friends, and new memories connected to older, faded memories set in this quaint little place. A type of feast before we begin a fast from the comfort of familiarity. But then comfort never did give much for an interesting story.