pearl of the orient

In March I traveled to Hong Kong with my youngest and my father. It was a trip taken to connect generations, a trip I have looked forward to my entire life. It was fascinating to find that this place, so strikingly different than the homeland I have lived in, could feel so familiar. It may have been from the years I have dreamed of visiting the city where my father grew up, or the countless videos, photographs and memories I have seen and heard of over the years. But I like to think that it’s because this city is in my blood. It was like coming home, learning a bit of who I am.

Amid the chaos of this city filled with thousands of buildings, so many many taxis, and millions of people who seem to be in constant motion, I loved finding moments of calm, simplicity, and a touch of nature. 

all photos taken with my iPhone 4s.

4 thoughts on “pearl of the orient

  1. jen, lovely! i was wondering if you were going to do a post on your trip. and if you're going to mention the food. 🙂 i've only been to HK once, the summer before my senior year in HS and i still dream of the dim sum there.


  2. OMG the dim sum (we call it yum cha) is amazing! Yes, food post coming up, though admittedly I did not take many photos, too busy eating! 😉


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